Prepare Your Landscape for an Arizona Winter

“The most wonderful time of the year” in Arizona isn’t just about the holidays; it’s also about the incredible weather! In the Phoenix area, residents look forward to mild winter days and chilly nights. But preparing for the winter weather isn’t all about breaking out the sweaters and boots; it’s also about making sure your yard is ready for the cooler temps.

Here are some quick tips to help you prepare your landscape for an Arizona winter.

Plant ryegrass.

Warm weather grass will struggle to survive when the temperatures dip, but ryegrass (sometimes referred to as “winter grass”) will give your yard a lush, green look all winter long. 

Plan to plant your winter lawn once the heat has cooled off a bit, but before it gets truly cold at night. Ideally, you want temperatures to be no higher than 85 degrees, and no lower than 55 degrees. This typically happens in mid- to late October, which is the perfect time to overseed.

For more tips about how to overseed your lawn successfully, we recommend this article.

Prune trees.

Pruning helps trees stay healthy year-round. Since the extreme heat has subsided, now is a great time to get your trees and bushes properly pruned.

Plant flowers.

Some flowers really thrive in winter weather. In Arizona, geraniums, pansies, marigolds, and snapdragons will add gorgeous color to your landscape all winter long.

Prepare for frost.

There are usually at least a few nights when temps in the Valley drop drastically. This could potentially kill some of your plants, if you aren’t prepared. Take the time, before the season begins, to buy protective cloths/sheets for your at-risk plants. Not sure which plants need covering? A quick internet search or trip to a local nursery should help.

Check your irrigation system.

If you water your lawn using irrigation, you should consider having your system inspected by a professional before the season starts. Colder temperature can wreak havoc on watering systems, so making sure everything is in order will save you from costly repairs down the road.

Set the stage for outdoor living.

Winter in Arizona is the best time to be outside, so make sure your yard is set up to take advantage of that! Whether it’s creating an outdoor dining area or making your patio more comfortable, even small changes can make your yard more inviting and functional so you can get out there and enjoy the weather.

Once your yard is prepped for winter, you will be in good shape to enjoy it all season long. Contact Rustic Creek Landscaping today to speak with one of our landscape design specialists and begin your outdoor transformation.

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