Monthly Archives: May 2021

Ways to Dress Up Your Walkways

Every element of your landscaping is an opportunity to impress. The smallest details can take your outdoor space from good to great, highlighting areas that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Take your walkways, for example. A walkway can be solely functional, or you can add fun, unexpected details to help dress it up a little. If you’re aiming to kick your landscape design up a notch, it might be time to add a little pizzazz to your walkways. Here’s how. […]

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Tips for Planting New Plants During the Arizona Summer

Summer in Arizona can be a brutal time for residents, but it can be just as brutal for plants. How is a new plant supposed to survive when water is scarce, the temperatures are well into the triple digits, and moments of relief from the sun are few and far between?  There are a few things you can do to help new plants survive during the Arizona summer. Water, water, water. New plants trying to make it through the scorching […]

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