Monthly Archives: May 2022

Best Plants for Creating a Privacy Hedge

Your home is your family’s sanctuary, and you do your best to keep it as safe and as private as possible. This includes doing the obvious things like installing locks, privacy doors, security lights/cameras, and more. But did you know that even your landscape design can help create a private oasis for you and your family? Privacy hedges are loved for their ability to do just that: create a separation between your yard and the outside world (and any wandering […]

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Best Shade Trees for Arizona Climate

Unless you want to stay inside absolutely all season long, it’s important to have ways to cool off outside during the brutal Arizona summer. Since not everyone has easy access to a pool, we wanted to focus on another option that can help a bit: shade trees. While shade trees may not be enough to make the hottest days enjoyable, they can make a difference. Temperatures in the shade usually feel as much as 10-15 degrees cooler than those in […]

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