Best Plants for Creating a Privacy Hedge

Your home is your family’s sanctuary, and you do your best to keep it as safe and as private as possible.

This includes doing the obvious things like installing locks, privacy doors, security lights/cameras, and more.

But did you know that even your landscape design can help create a private oasis for you and your family?

Privacy hedges are loved for their ability to do just that: create a separation between your yard and the outside world (and any wandering eyes). Plus, they do it while being aesthetically pleasing and adding to the overall appeal of your landscape.

So what plants should you choose if you want to create a privacy hedge? Here are a few of our favorites:


Ficus trees are a popular option for creating a privacy hedge because they grow very thick and dense. They also have beautiful, deep green leaves and are fairly easy to take care of (though be sure to cover them properly in freezing temperatures!).

When several ficus trees are planted close together, you can create a very nice hedge that will block light and sound.


Hopseed bushes are a staple in Arizona landscaping, and for good reason. They grow quickly (and can get quite tall!), thrive in direct sunlight, and are able to survive harsh desert conditions. They also add texture and visual interest to any yard; they even come in purple varieties if you really want your landscaping to be unique.

Whether neatly trimmed or left to grow a little wild, hopseed make a beautiful privacy hedge.

Cape Honeysuckle

With their distinctive, trumpet-shaped orange flowers, most Arizona natives know a Cape Honeysuckle bush when they see one. These are widely used in home and community landscapes throughout the Phoenix area.

These bushes can be planted on their own or against a wall as a vine. Either way, they’ll help create a beautiful border between you and the outside world.


Bougainvillea are absolutely stunning when in bloom. Their distinctive magenta blooms add picture-perfect color to any yard, and as a dense bush, it’s easy to shape them into hedges for your yard.

Keep in mind that bougainvillea have sharp thorns (making them not only a good privacy hedge, but something of a security gate as well!). They are also slightly poisonous, which could be dangerous for pets.

Your yard should be an escape from the outside world. Create the secluded atmosphere you’re looking for by using any one of these popular plants to create a beautiful and functional privacy hedge. 

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