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3 Ways Hardscaping Can Transform Your Landscape Design

While the greenery in your yard creates a lush, vibrant atmosphere, hardscaping does something entirely different, yet just as important. Hardscaping—the use of hard materials like bricks, concrete, wood, etc. in a landscaped area—adds structure, organization, and visual interest to your yard. In fact, when it comes to landscape design, hardscaping is every bit as crucial as landscaping and greenery when it comes to creating an attractive finished product. Here are three big ways hardscaping can transform your landscape design. […]

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Landscape Design Ideas for Entertaining During the Winter

For most of the country, winter is the time to bundle up and stay inside. In Phoenix, however, winter is prime time for getting outdoors and enjoying the most mild of the desert seasons. With highs in the high 60s and lows usually in the 40s, a Phoenix winter offers a nice reprieve from the blistering hot summers, without becoming unbearably cold. This makes it an ideal time for residents of the Phoenix area to utilize their outdoor spaces for […]

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