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Landscape Design Tips for a Hillside Property

Hillside properties offer a unique canvas for landscape design—but they also present a tricky challenge. When done properly, you can use your sloped landscape to create a stunning outdoor space that blends harmoniously with nature; but without the right planning and care, you might set yourself up for disaster. Thoughtful, strategic design can help you enhance the natural beauty of your hillside property, turning it into something both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Here are some tips to help. Study the […]

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Creating an Outdoor Space for Self Improvement

These days, the pace of life is…hectic, to put it mildly. Doctors and mental health professionals are quick to point out the need for rest, calm, and personal rejuvenation, but many of us struggle to actually incorporate that advice into our daily lives. Tranquility and self-reflection are more vital than ever, but how many of us actually create time—and space—for personal growth and emotional wellbeing? The good news is, you can have such a space, right in your own backyard—literally. […]

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