Monthly Archives: September 2020

Safe Water Features for Children

In Arizona, water is a popular choice for sprucing up your landscaping. Whether you go all out with a swimming pool, or keep it simple with a small fountain, using water in your landscaping gives you the opportunity to add a little oasis to your desert yard. Of course, there are downsides to water features too. While they can add to the cost of caring for your yard, and often require additional maintenance, the biggest issue is far more important: […]

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Arizona Seasonal Landscaping Tips

Landscaping in Arizona is unique to anywhere else in the world. Our dry, desert climate and warm temperatures mean that our landscaping looks a little different in the Phoenix area, and has to be cared for differently as well. And of course, there are seasonal changes to reckon with, as blazing hot summers give way to warm falls and pleasant winters. How can you be sure you’re taking care of your landscaping properly throughout all seasons in Arizona? Here are […]

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