Monthly Archives: October 2022

Tips for Designing a Backyard Garden

Good design can change everything—and that is just as true outside your home as it is inside it. When you’re working on a backyard garden, for example, a deliberate, well thought out design will make all the difference in making your garden exactly what you want it to be. Today, we’re sharing some of our best tips for designing a garden that is perfect for your home backyard. Know your goals. Is this a vegetable garden, a flower garden, or […]

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Reasons to Use a Drip Irrigation System

When it comes to keeping the plants, trees, or flowers in your yard healthy and thriving, there are a couple important things to consider, but none are as important as water. Without the right amounts of water at the right times, any plant will die—period. Of course, staying on top of a strict watering schedule can quickly become a big hassle. And that’s where drip irrigation systems come in.  What is a drip irrigation system? A drip irrigation system is […]

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