Monthly Archives: September 2021

Things to Consider when Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen is exciting, but it also brings with it a lot of decisions, stress, and of course, cost. That means that it is crucial to consider all your options and really think things through before jumping into such a large project. So what exactly do you need to consider when building an outdoor kitchen?  Budget It can be extremely easy for outdoor kitchen projects to get out of hand budget wise. With a wide variety of upgraded […]

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Landscape Design Tips for Smaller Spaces

Many people think you have to have a big, sprawling backyard in order to justify stunning landscape design. But that’s simply not the case. Even a small yard can be carefully designed to become an at-home outdoor oasis, as long as a few simple principles are followed. Make the most of every space. When you’re working with a small space, it’s important that each space is used intentionally. Take a look at your overall space and think about the things […]

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