Monthly Archives: April 2022

How to Protect Your Plants from Heat Waves

For most of the United States, the threat of frost is very real for plants, even late into the spring. In Arizona however, plants face a different threat entirely: heat waves. With brutally hot temperatures coming as early as May, homeowners should be prepared to care for their plants properly during those triple-digit days. Here are some tips to help. Choose heat resistant plants. Because Arizona is a dry, hot climate, it makes sense to take heat waves into consideration […]

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Landscape Design Trends for 2022

A well-designed backyard is hard to beat. When you design your yard with intention, it expands the livable area of your home and creates a space for making incredible memories. But many people don’t know where to start when redesigning their landscape. A great way to get the process going is to choose a feature or two you are really excited about, and then build the rest of the yard around that. And if you’re looking for incredible features for […]

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