Monthly Archives: December 2023

The Best Plants for People with Allergies

Everyone loves a lush green landscape, and many people are passionate about caring for plants inside their homes, too. But for individuals battling allergies, it’s important to take extra care to create indoor and outdoor environments that won’t compromise their health or make them miserable. By carefully selecting both the indoor and outdoor plants they keep, even allergy sufferers can truly enjoy the beauty of nature.  Allergy-friendly indoor plants Choosing and caring for indoor plants can be fun and rewarding, […]

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Common Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid

Embarking on a landscape design project can be an exciting journey. When you start, you have high hopes—not just for the beautiful outdoor space you’ll soon have, but also for the smooth process you’ll follow to get there. Unfortunately, the road to an idyllic landscape is fraught with common pitfalls. From budget overages to delayed timelines, these mistakes can turn your dream project into a nightmare.  Here are some of the most common landscape design mistakes to avoid when you’re […]

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