Arizona Landscape Design Resources

There is a wealth of information available to you about all aspects of the landscaping industry. We want you to be in charge of your outdoor escape, so please take advantage of the resources provided to learn more about your options. Already have the outdoor environment of your dreams? Then use these sources to learn how to maintain the health and vivacity of your landscape.


The resources below are perfect for gathering ideas to create your ideal landscape. Already have your dream yard? Learn tips, tricks and proper maintenance techniques to keep it looking its best.

Landscaping Ideas Online
Desert Botanical Gardens
Arizona Arboretums


No landscape is complete without the use of hardscapes. The following resources will help you to determine certain features, materials or structures to incorporate into your personalized design.

Anasazi Stone Information
Building and Masonry Supply
Pavers and Retaining Wall Supply

Water Features

If you are looking to create a dramatic and eye-catching outdoor environment, then water features are a must. Use the resources below to learn how to incorporate this beautiful element into your design.

Water Features 101
Splash Pads to Complement your Water Features
Installing a Water Garden
Installing Proper Irrigation

Associations and Organizations

Please use the links below to learn about the history of any company you choose to work with, or types of guidelines needed to follow if you are tackling a project on your own.

Arizona Registrar of Contractors
Better Business Bureau
Arizona Department of Water Resources
American Nursery and Landscape Association

Tools & Equipment

Not sure what tools you will need to create or maintain your outdoor environment? Visit the links below to learn about the proper equipment required to keep your landscape looking flawless.

John Deere Landscaping Equipment
Irrigation Installation Professionals
Rental Equipment Information
Home Depot Landscaping Equipment

Long-term Care

You have invested a great deal of time and money into creating the landscape of your dreams, so keep it looking its best by utilizing the following resources filled with information on keeping your yard, lawn and garden in the best shape possible.

Master Gardener Manual
Maintain a Healthy Lawn
DIY Landscaping and Gardening Articles

Books of Interest

Looking for more than just articles? The following books are recommended for those who want extensive information on a variety of landscaping topics.

“Sunset Western Garden Book” – Sunset Publishing Corporation
“Success with School Gardens” – Arizona Master Gardeners, Inc.