Monthly Archives: June 2022

Ways to Give Your Landscape a More Artistic Feel

When working on bringing personality to their home design, many people focus on the interior of their home. But there are plenty of design opportunities outside, too! In fact, you should think of your yard as yet another way to bring your own artistic style into your daily environment. But how exactly can you give your yard a more artistic feel? Here are a few ideas. Lighting Lighting pulls double duty when it comes to adding more artistic elements to […]

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Landscape Design Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

When designing your home (and the landscape surrounding it), it’s always a good idea to keep resale value in mind. No matter what the real estate market is doing, your listing will always be more competitive when your home is beautifully designed, inside and out. So what are some things you can do with your landscape design in order to increase your home’s value? Here are a few of our best ideas. Use professional design and installation. One thing home […]

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