Ways to Give Your Landscape a More Artistic Feel

When working on bringing personality to their home design, many people focus on the interior of their home. But there are plenty of design opportunities outside, too! In fact, you should think of your yard as yet another way to bring your own artistic style into your daily environment.

But how exactly can you give your yard a more artistic feel? Here are a few ideas.


Lighting pulls double duty when it comes to adding more artistic elements to your yard. Not only do the fixtures themselves have the opportunity to make a statement, but the light they provide can create a whole new ambience in your yard. From romantic, overhead string lights to modern, colorful bulbs in a water feature, lighting can change the entire look and feel of a yard.

Creative hardscaping

Most people tend to stick to basic shapes, colors, and layouts when it comes to the hardscaping (pavers or tile) in their yard. But the reality is, there are countless options for making your hardscaping a lot more unique (and more fun!).

Think: unique shaped tiles or pavers, tiles with painted designs, a creative laying pattern for your pavers, a paved area in a unique shape, etc.

Unusual plants

There’s nothing like an unfamiliar plant to create an interesting focal point in a yard. Visit a local nursery and see what catches your eye! Look for unusual shapes and colors, and get ready to add some wow-factor to your yard.

Patterned textiles

Outdoor rugs, throw pillows, and even curtains can be used in your yard to add color, pattern, and texture to your landscape. Not sure where to start? Choose a favorite color and go from there!

Water features

From full-sized swimming pools to small fountains, water features can add a lot of ambience and artistic flair to your yard. There are plenty of styles to choose from—from traditional to modern—so you’re sure to find an option that reflects your personal taste. 

Play with shapes

The way you trim your trees, the planters you choose, the path you lay with your pavers—they all use shape to convey a certain style. Will you choose clean, straight lines and sharp angles? Or will you go for a more natural, wild feel? Being deliberate about these decisions will help pull more artistry into your outdoor space.

No matter how you choose to do it, it’s always fun to bring an artistic feel into your yard. Try one of these tips today and start enjoying landscaping that is uniquely yours!

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