Landscape Design Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

When designing your home (and the landscape surrounding it), it’s always a good idea to keep resale value in mind. No matter what the real estate market is doing, your listing will always be more competitive when your home is beautifully designed, inside and out.

So what are some things you can do with your landscape design in order to increase your home’s value? Here are a few of our best ideas.

Use professional design and installation.

One thing home buyers don’t want is a home (or a yard) that requires a lot of fixing up. But if your yard is professionally designed (and you care for it well, of course), it will look picture perfect from listing to closing. 

Additionally, professional installation will ensure that all the watering systems, lights, and so on are installed properly and in good working order. Potential buyers will see the value in a well designed, well established, and well cared for yard.

Add a swimming pool.

Few actual features will increase your home’s value like a swimming pool will—especially in Phoenix. Swimming pools can be expensive to install, but when considering your home’s resale value, it is very likely worth it. After all, some Phoenicians absolutely refuse to live in a home without a pool!

Install artificial grass.

Artificial grass has two key benefits that attract potential homebuyers: it always looks good, and it requires little-to-no-maintenance. That means that buyers can save big on watering and energy costs (not to mention avoid doing yard work in the heat!). 

Use lighting.

Landscape lighting is a simple way to upgrade the look of your entire home. Whether you shine lights on your plants, along your pathways, or on the home itself, this is a quick and easy update that will instantly boost your home value.

Install outdoor living areas.

From dining areas to outdoor kitchens to outdoor fireplaces, built-in touches will always impress potential buyers and help add to the value of your home. Make sure these areas are just as functional as they are beautiful!

Double check curb appeal.

We all know not to judge a book by its cover, but we seem to forget that rule when it comes to homes. Potential buyers will definitely place at least some importance on their first impression of your home from the street. Consider trees, bushes, flowers, hardscaping (e.g. pavers and pathways), water features, and anything else that can be seen from the street. Not sure what will look best? A professional landscape designer can help.

Whether you do an entire renovation or a couple small changes, you can be confident that these ideas will be an investment in your home’s value and help it sell more quickly and successfully.

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