Monthly Archives: May 2024

Options for Adding a Backyard Spa

Most people want their backyards to be a haven of rest and relaxation, but how can you actually create that? One popular way is with a spa or hot tub. Picture this: a warm evening, gentle lighting, the sounds of nature around you, and the relaxation of sinking into your very own private spa, right in your backyard. That’s the dream we’re all chasing! Here are some of the ways you can turn that dream into your backyard’s reality. In-ground […]

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How to Help Your Plants Survive an Arizona Heatwave

Arizona is a beautiful place to live, with stunning landscapes and iconic desert scenery. But then…there’s the scorching heat. While Arizona’s residents make seasonal changes as necessary, the heat presents a particular challenge for anyone trying to keep plants alive during the state’s hottest months.  As temperatures soar during an Arizona heatwave (or on just a typical summer day), plants can wilt and wither, or even struggle to survive. Still, with a little care and attention, you can help your […]

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