Monthly Archives: August 2023

Tips for Installing a Backyard Splash Pad

In a hot climate like Arizona, the value of backyard water features cannot be understated. While most people consider the gold standard to be an in-ground swimming pool, not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance or cost of such a feature. This leads people to turn to other options that will help them and their families cool off in hot weather. In recent years, one option that has grown in popularity is the backyard splash pad.  A big step […]

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Should I Use Artificial Plants in My Landscaping?

Artificial plants have long been a popular option for adding a natural look and feel to a home’s interior. But can artificial plants work just as well for the exterior of your home? Using artificial plants in outdoor landscaping has both pros and cons, and the decision will ultimately depend on your preferences, needs, the specific context of your yard, and the types of plants you want to use. Here are some of the most important things to consider when […]

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