Landscape Design Trends for 2022

A well-designed backyard is hard to beat. When you design your yard with intention, it expands the livable area of your home and creates a space for making incredible memories.

But many people don’t know where to start when redesigning their landscape. A great way to get the process going is to choose a feature or two you are really excited about, and then build the rest of the yard around that. And if you’re looking for incredible features for your yard, there’s no better place to start than with current trends.

While some yard elements are timeless, the more “trendy” landscape design features tend to create great focal points or conversation starters in a yard. 

Here are some of the latest 2022 landscape design trends that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces have been popular for decades, but as more people lean toward outdoor living, the outdoor fireplace is taking on new life. Now, outdoor fireplaces create stunning focal points and offer a wide range of possibilities—from elaborate built-in features to standalone fire basins. 

Today’s outdoor fireplaces often also include modern features like built-in seating, intricate stone- or tile work, streamlined shapes, and unusual details.

Bistro lights

It’s hard not to be charmed by bistro lights. Bistro lights hang overhead in strands, usually with exposed bulbs, creating an intimate, softly lit space.

Bistro lights can be installed in almost any area of your yard using a variety of installation techniques, with anchors on your home, standalone poles, or walls/fences, depending on your unique situation. While bistro lights are available for purchase just about everywhere these days, we highly recommend working with a professional landscape designer or architect to help ensure that the lights are installed and powered properly.

Stepping stones & turf

Stepping stones surrounded by turf are a very popular trend these days, especially because it is a versatile design option. Depending on the type of tile or paver you use, this design element can look charming and rustic (think woodsy cottage) or sleek and modern (think LA pool house). Whatever look you are going for, you can use this trend to create it. 

Not only is this a versatile design, it’s also a relatively simple one, and one that requires no maintenance or upkeep on your part (as long as everything is installed professionally!).


Sustainability is a huge trend in home design this year, and landscape design is no different. People are leaning toward yards that are environmentally friendly. This includes:

  • Growing fruits and vegetables
  • Planting flowers that attract and benefit pollinators
  • Using water-friendly vegetation that is suitable to your climate
  • Choosing turf instead of grass

Landscape design, including materials, layout, and more, can go a long way toward making your yard more environmentally sound. Make sure to take this into consideration as you design your yard in 2022.

Your yard can be an incredible haven for your family—and it can also be an impressive, trendy aspect of your home. Incorporate some of these trends and you’ll have a yard to enjoy for years to come.

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