Landscape Design Tips for Smaller Spaces

Many people think you have to have a big, sprawling backyard in order to justify stunning landscape design. But that’s simply not the case. Even a small yard can be carefully designed to become an at-home outdoor oasis, as long as a few simple principles are followed.

Make the most of every space.

When you’re working with a small space, it’s important that each space is used intentionally. Take a look at your overall space and think about the things you want to prioritize. Is an outdoor kitchen a must-have? Are you going to need as much outdoor storage as possible? Get creative and be deliberate about your landscape design in order to make the most out of every space.

Think vertically.

If you are really going to make the most of every space, you have to think about vertical space as well. Designing up helps you add visual interest and takes the attention off of the small size of the yard. Add vertical design elements with trellis/vines against the walls, a small pergola in a seating area, an umbrella above a lounge chair, or trees along with bushes and flowers.

Create zones.

Some people think that keeping things “open concept” will help the yard feel bigger, but that’s actually not the case. Creating distinct areas within the yard will give it a more spacious feel because it gives the illusion of fitting more in. Think of creating separate zones for dining, lounging, gardening, etc..

Choose focal points.

You want to draw attention away from the size of the yard and put the focus on the design of the yard. Choosing standout focal points will help. This could include things like water features, patterned fabrics, a built-in fireplace, etc. Depending on the size of your yard, you only want to choose 1-3 focal points.

Reconsider your lawn.

When people think of a well-designed backyard, they often think of a large, green, lush lawn. But a wide expanse of grass takes up a lot of space. And if you don’t need a lawn, or you want to prioritize other elements, then let it go! You’ll be able to use that space in a more intentional way, and you’ll be able to create a small yard that uses up a lot less water and takes a lot less maintenance. 

Use light or bright colors.

Even if you have a small yard, you don’t want to feel as though you are trapped in a small space. Darkness is going to add to that “closed in” feeling. So when you are choosing furniture or finishes, consider using lighter colors to add to that light, bright, spacious feeling.

Instead of writing off your outdoor space as “small,” follow these simple tips and get intentional with your design. You can make even a smaller yard feel bigger, and create an outdoor space that really works for you and your family.

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