Reasons to Use a Drip Irrigation System

When it comes to keeping the plants, trees, or flowers in your yard healthy and thriving, there are a couple important things to consider, but none are as important as water. Without the right amounts of water at the right times, any plant will die—period.

Of course, staying on top of a strict watering schedule can quickly become a big hassle. And that’s where drip irrigation systems come in. 

What is a drip irrigation system?

A drip irrigation system is a watering system designed to deliver water directly to a plant’s roots. Water goes right into the soil instead of watering the plant’s leaves as well. It’s watering from below, instead of from above.

Reasons to use a drip irrigation system

There are several reasons why a drip irrigation system is preferable to other watering methods. These include:

  • Convenience. Drip systems can be set up to water on automatic timers, making them a “set it and forget it” watering solution. Additionally, you can change the schedule as needed, so whether the seasons change or you switch up the plants in your garden, you can always deliver the perfect amount of water.

  • Water preservation. When plants are watered with a sprinkling system, a lot of the water ends up going to waste, since some of the water will evaporate in the air or after it lands on other surfaces. Drip irrigation systems deliver water straight to where it’s needed, meaning less water is wasted. (And that saves you money, as well!)

  • Less runoff. Similarly, when the water goes straight into the soil, there is less opportunity for runoff, which means that you’ll have fewer weeds. The only plants getting the water will be the ones you want to get the water.

  • Healthy plants. Overwatering can be as damaging to plants as underwatering, since it can lead to pest problems or fungal growth. A drip system will make sure your plants get the proper amount of water every time.

Once you install a drip irrigation system to water the trees, shrubs, and flowers in your yard, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. This is the ultimate solution for watering convenience and conservation.

Professional installation will ensure your drip system is set up properly and works the way you need it to. A landscape design company like Rustic Creek can help you design and install the perfect drip system setup for your yard. 

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