Ways to Spruce Up Your Back Patio

Other people may be hunkering down for the fall and winter, but here in Arizona, the temperatures are (finally) dropping and we are all starting to venture outside once again! This means that it’s time to pay attention to that back patio you’ve neglected all summer. 

What can you do to spruce up your back patio? Here are a few ideas that will turn your patio into a place you’ll love to be all season long.

Comfortable seating

If you don’t have a comfortable place to sit on your patio, you aren’t going to want to spend time out there. That’s why one of the first additions to your patio should be some comfortable seating options. Whether you splurge on a high-end, upholstered set that will last for years, opt for a few simple adirondack chairs, or hang a swing, make sure that you have several seats that make your patio more inviting. 

Potted plants

 A little greenery can go a long way. Spruce up your back patio with some potted plants that bring color and a natural element to your patio. Play with various sizes and plants, along with ways to display them. You could try a shelving unit, place them directly on the ground, or even hang them (if you have a covered patio). 

A table

A table is a fantastic addition to your back patio. This gives you a surface to eat on, play games on, or simply rest your drinks on. Whether you choose a full outdoor dining table or a smaller coffee table, a table is going to add a lot of functionality to your patio. 


Is your patio covered? If not, you might want to consider changing that. Covering your patio is a fantastic way to make your patio more usable, especially during the daytime when you want to avoid the sun. Plus, a structure like a pergola adds a beautiful aesthetic feature to your yard. 

A rug

Rugs aren’t just for the living room anymore. Outdoor rugs are available in every shape, size, color, and pattern you can imagine. Unrolling a rug on your patio, especially if it’s placed under some furniture, is a quick way to make your patio look well designed. 


Lighting is another great way to add beauty and functionality to your patio. There are plenty of options for patio lighting, including freestanding lamps, sconces, and string lights. If you have a finished (stuccoed) covered patio, you may also be able to install can lights or a ceiling fan with a light. Any of these options can take your back patio to the next level.

There are many ways to spruce up your back patio. Whether you try one or try them all, you’ll love the difference! For help with landscape design, contact Rustic Creek Landscaping today to speak with one of our experienced designers.

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