Modern Design Elements for Your Landscape

When people think of “modern” design, they usually think of interior design: sleek finishes, unusual fixtures, and abstract art. But modern design doesn’t have to be confined to the indoors. There are plenty of ways to make your landscape more modern, too.

Here are some of our favorite modern design elements for your landscape.

Modern fireplaces

A fireplace or fire pit is a fun addition to any yard, and it doesn’t always have to have a “campfire” feel to it. In fact, many of the fireplaces or fire pits you see these days are sleeker and more interesting, with clean lines, stark shapes, and modern materials (e.g. concrete rather than brick). This lends a modern feel to the landscape design. 

Updated planter boxes

Usually, when people think of planter boxes, they think of wood or cinder blocks. But there are other options that will modernize your yard while still protecting your plants or garden. Our favorites are concrete and steel. Remember to stick to minimalist shapes to really keep things sleek and modern.

Unique pavers/tiles and patterns

There are hundreds of different options when it comes to adding pavers or tile to your yard, but only some of them will give you the modern look you’re going for. To stay strictly in the modern vein, follow these tips:

  • Choose pavers/tiles with a uniform size
  • Follow a layout that is clean and simple
  • Choose larger sized pavers or tiles
  • Find pavers or tiles without a lot of variation in the coloring

Neatly trimmed hedges

While there is something to be said for bushy, wild-looking plants, they definitely fit it with a cozy cottage aesthetic, rather than a modern one. If you want to have a modern vibe, choose hedges that can be kept neatly trimmed into distinct shapes. This will give your yard a clean-cut look that is much more updated. 

Neutral tones

Modern design typically uses a minimal, neutral color palette, rather than lots of different, eye-catching colors and patterns. Keep this in mind when selecting hardscaping, flowering plants, and even furniture or rugs. 


Want a landscape design that is modern in function as well as in aesthetics? Making sustainable choices is a great way to be environmentally conscious. Choose drought-resistant plants, smart watering systems, and more to create a more modern, sustainable yard that is perfect for a conscientious homeowner.

Modern design elements aren’t limited to indoor spaces. Take your modern aesthetic outside and enjoy a beautiful, updated, well-designed yard!

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