Best Seasonal Flowers for an Arizona Spring

Spring is the season best known for its colorful blooms. But if you want to take advantage of all the flowers of the season, you need to know which ones to plant in your specific area and climate. This is especially true here in Arizona, where the spring is usually warm and sunny, a precursor to the intense summer heat to come. 

So what are the best seasonal flowers for an Arizona spring? Here are a few of our favorites. 


Is there anything that says “spring” quite like a daisy? Not only will daisies give you a perfect pop of spring color, but many varieties (like the desert-native Angelita Daisy) are actually hearty enough to last all year long. Plant them in full sun, water weekly during the hot months, and you’re good to go!

Arizona Columbines

With a gorgeous, unique looking bloom, the Arizona Columbine thrives in the desert. The blooms are usually at their best in the summer, which makes spring the perfect time to plant them. These flowers will do best with some shade in the afternoon. As a bonus, hummingbirds love these flowers, too!


If you’re able to plant them in a place where they’ll be protected from the blazing summer sun, then primroses will be a beautiful addition to your landscape this spring. Primrose plants never grow very tall, making them an excellent groundcover option. 


Salvia, or autumn sage, is a flowering plant that is perfect for an Arizona spring. Fast-growing, drought-resistant, and available in a wide variety of colors, you’re sure to enjoy these blooms all season long. (Note: most nurseries will have their best varieties of salvia plants in the spring. If you’re growing the plant from seed, you should actually plant in the fall.)


Another hearty, year-round flower in Arizona, marigolds add vibrant color and beauty to any landscape. The varieties available at Arizona nurseries will be able to withstand high desert temperatures. Most marigolds do well in either full or partial sun, making them a low-maintenance option for your yard this spring.


From pinks and purples to yellows and oranges, you can get just about any color you want from zinnias! These springy flowers bloom in a variety of sizes as well, so you can find just the right match for your landscape. 

Any of these flowers are a perfect choice for an Arizona spring! Make sure you talk to your local nursery about finding the right variety for your yard, along with where to plant and what watering schedule to follow. Enjoy!

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