Add a Splash of Color to Your Landscape with These 4 Plants

When it comes to yard design, most Arizonans take one of two directions: either they choose to make their yard lush and green (with grass, trees, and bushes), or they embrace their surroundings and go for more of a low-maintenance desert vibe (with rocks and cacti). 

But no matter which direction you take, you’ll probably want some way to add a splash of color to your yard. Color keeps things interesting and creates focal points in your landscaping. Not to mention—it’s beautiful!

So here are 4 popular plants that will add a little pop of color to your yard.


Lantana are so popular in the Phoenix area that they are practically a staple for local landscaping. They are very low maintenance and fast-growing, making them as easy to care for as they are beautiful. And they are beautiful! These ground cover bushes are available in a wide variety of colors, from red to yellow to pink to purple. And even when they aren’t in bloom, the green leaves still look lovely. As a bonus, lantana work in both desert and traditional landscaping styles, making them a no-brainer option for anyone looking to add some color to their yard.

Pink Fairy Duster

Looking for something a little more unique? Look no further than the pink fairy duster. These shrubs produce delicate pink blooms in small “explosions” of color. These bushes are small and low, and they are typically used as accents in landscaping. The flowers on these plants bloom mostly in the spring and fall. 

Humans aren’t the only ones who love pink fairy dusters! These flowers will also attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds, so they are a great option for anyone who wants to invite wildlife into their yard.


Bougainvillea is another flowering plant that you’ll see everywhere in the Phoenix area. Even so, it has such a striking appearance that it is sure to be a showstopper, every time. Their bright, magenta flowers absolutely cannot be missed. The fact that bougainvillea grow tall and can also be placed along a wall or trellis make them a great way to add some color to the vertical spaces in your yard as well. 

Palo Verde

If you need a tree that will add some colorful interest to your yard, you should definitely consider a palo verde. These hearty trees can withstand the hottest desert temperatures, and they bloom with thousands of small yellow buds that every Phoenix-area citizen knows well. Plus, the unique green bark is a color statement unto itself!

These are just 4 incredible options for adding a splash of color into your Phoenix yard. Visit your local nursery (or better yet, talk to a professional landscape design team) for even more ideas!

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