Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Evening Entertainment

During the summer in the Phoenix area, sometimes the only time when it is bearable to be outside is after the sun goes down. Of course, nighttime backyard entertainment brings with it its own set of challenges—not the least of which is lighting.

How can you light your backyard so you can enjoy your summer nights? Here are some ideas.

String lights

String lights have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. That’s because they’re affordable, relatively easy to install and maintain, and visually appealing. They add to a “homey” aesthetic in the backyard and add a soft but functional glow to your yard. String lights can be a DIY project, or you can have them professionally hung if you want to keep them around for years. These create a great atmosphere for eating outside, or simply gathering around for a good conversation.

Laser lights

While less bright than other options, laser lights (which project small pinpoints of colored light onto your house or another surface) are a whole lot of fun. Most laser lights can be customized and changed at will, meaning you choose the right colors for holidays, sporting events, or other special occasions. If you want to create a party atmosphere, look no further.

Flood lights

Flood lights may be less aesthetically pleasing than other lighting options, but they are the most functional choice available to consumers. These are lights that should be installed high up on your house so that when they are on, they illuminate the entire yard. If you want to play games in your backyard after dark, or you just want to make sure everyone can see clearly, this is your best bet. 

Lit water features

Water features add interest to every backyard, and you can get really creative with how you light them up. Adding colored LED lights to a pool, splash pad, or fountain will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere every time you step outside. Plus, good lights will allow you to use your pool or splash pad after dark.


You put a lot of work into designing and creating the perfect backyard, but all that effort goes to waste if no one can see it! Use spotlights to highlight trees, bushes, and other key features of your yard. Not only will this make your yard more visually interesting, but these lights are often bright enough to light the whole yard a bit, making them functional, too. 

The right lights can make all the difference when you’re entertaining outdoors. Be intentional about your decisions and choose the option that best fits your needs! Contact Rustic Creek Landscaping today to begin the transformation of your outdoor space.

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