The Importance of Proper Landscape Lighting

When people think about landscaping their yard, they often think about bushes, trees, flowers, and grass. Some people go beyond that to think of rocks, pavers, or water features. But there’s something that’s just as important as any of these things, but that often gets overlooked in discussions about landscaping: lighting.

Lighting plays a vital role in landscaping design, and taking time to make sure your landscape is lit properly can make all the difference in your yard. Here are some of the reasons why proper landscape lighting is so important.

It allows you to spend more time outside.

What good is a well-designed yard if you can’t use it? Proper lighting allows you to spend time outside even after the sun goes down. This is particularly important in the Phoenix area, as many of our days are brutally hot, but our nights are far more enjoyable. With the right lighting, you may even be able to enjoy your backyard on a summer night!

It creates a safer environment.

Have you ever tried to navigate your way around outside, in the dark, without a light? You’re much more likely to trip or run into something. A well-lit yard is going to be much safer than a dark yard. Additionally, any security threats will be easier to address in a yard with proper lighting (especially if you have security cameras, too!)

It showcases your landscape design.

When your yard is dark, it’s impossible to see all your beautiful landscaping—which you probably put a lot of thought, time, and money into! Make sure you can enjoy your beautiful yard, day or night, by taking steps to make sure your yard is properly lit. 

It’s aesthetically pleasing.

Soft, outdoor light creates a lovely ambience that you and your guests will enjoy. Plus, lighting fixtures give a yard a more finished, elegant appearance, which may even help increase your home’s value. 

Real quick, let’s also discuss some of the most popular landscape lighting options we’re seeing right now:

  • Pathway lights: light a paved pathway to make it safer to walk outside at night
  • Flood lights: light up large areas of the yard (often used for functional or security purposes)
  • Spotlights: used to shine a light on trees, bushes, or other landscaping features in your yard
  • String lights: can hang over areas of the yard, creating a cozy atmosphere
  • Overhead lights: used on patios, these lights are very functional and are a must for anyone who wants to use their backyard after dark

Having proper outdoor lighting can completely transform your yard, for the better. So the next time you’re working on updating your yard, don’t forget the lights!

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