Landscape Ideas that Save on Water

If you want to have a lush, green lawn, there’s a hard truth you have to face: it is going to take a lot of water. And when you live in a drought-prone desert like Arizona, you have to decide if the trade-off is worth it in terms of cost, effort, and environmental impact.

Most Arizonans opt for landscaping options that save on water, and we are here for it! There are plenty of ways to adjust your landscaping so that you can save on water and still have a beautiful yard. Here are some of our favorites.

Use turf instead of grass.

Nothing beats the look of lush, green grass in a yard, but real grass requires a lot of upkeep and a lot of water (as in hundreds of gallons a year). Artificial turf allows you to have a green yard while saving a lot of water. There are downsides to turf as well, including feel, appearance, and initial cost, but the water savings cannot be ignored.

Embrace desert landscaping.

The desert has its own kind of beauty, and if you’re willing to embrace it, you can save a lot of water. Landscaping with cacti, for example, can save water when compared to using bushes, flowers, or trees. 

Install a drip watering system.

A drip watering system delivers water right to where it’s needed, minimizing wasted water from sprinkler systems or hose watering. This is especially useful for gardens and flower beds.

Choose native plants.

Native Arizona plants are going to be your best bet when it comes to conserving water. These plants will be used to harsh desert conditions and will be more forgiving with their watering needs. Visit a local nursery and talk to one of the workers there about which plants will be best for your yard.

Add hardscaping.

Hardscaping is a great addition to any yard. It gives your yard a polished look and creates useable space (for a dining area, fire pit, furniture, etc.). What’s more, hardscaped areas don’t require any watering. The more hardscaping you add, the less water-dependent areas you’ll have in your yard.

Upgrade to rotating sprinkler heads.

Rotating sprinkler heads are more efficient at watering lawns. The rotating head covers the grass more evenly and lessens the possibility of heavy evaporation.

Some simple changes to your landscape can make a big difference in your water usage. As you are prioritizing landscaping elements for your yard, be sure you take water savings into consideration. A yard that uses less water is easier to maintain so you can keep it looking great!

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