Landscape Design Trends for 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, many people are looking to the future as they make decisions about landscape design. So what are the trends we are predicting for 2022?

Garden to table

As more people focus on health and sustainability, growing food is becoming more popular. People are designing outdoor spaces that allow them to harvest their own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and berries, or even to house chickens. This is a fantastic way to add some beauty to your yard, while also being practical and earth-friendly.

Bringing the indoors out

People have spent more time than ever at home over the past couple years, and it’s made many people realize that having a well-designed outdoor space can be a huge asset. That’s why meticulously designed patios, outdoor kitchens, firepit areas, dining spaces, and more are high on the trend list for 2022.

Peaceful spaces

Stress is on the rise, but so is awareness. People are realizing the value of their own mental health and the importance of creating spaces for peace and happiness. This extends to the yard as well, and we foresee peaceful spaces becoming more and more popular this year.  (Think: lots of flowers, water features, shade trees, etc.)

Eco-friendly options

Water is a precious resource, and as more people start worrying about climate change, they are starting to consider the impact their backyard has on the environment. We expect people to take steps like creating low-water yards and gardens, using turf instead of real grass, planting seasonally to maximize weather conditions, and so on. This may also include using “smart” systems to schedule and monitor your watering systems.

Natural vibes

Perfectly polished yards are giving way to more natural spaces. We don’t mean overgrown, unkempt yards, but the trends are moving in the direction of more organic shapes (rather than severe box hedges, for example), natural materials, and mixed wildflowers rather than neat and precise gardens. 

Tropical themes

Another trend popping up is the tropical trend. Lush, colorful plants create an irresistible backyard oasis, and tropical trees and flowers are becoming more popular. Make sure you choose plants that will survive and thrive in your area. 

Whatever landscape design trend you choose to try in 2022, you are sure to end up with a modern outdoor space you love. Need a little help implementing these trends? Talk to a professional landscape designer!

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