Landscape Design Options for Creating a Private Outdoor Space

You want to get outside and enjoy your backyard … but so does everyone else. That might not be a problem at all for some people, but in some neighborhoods, houses are close together and backyard privacy is more of a dream than a reality.

There are a few things you can do to make your outdoor space just a bit more private. Here are some of our best tips. 

Use structures.

Backyard structures like pergolas can add a little bit more privacy to your outdoor space. Even though these spaces aren’t closed in, simply having a structure over you while you sit outside can help things feel a bit more private.

For even more privacy, add greenery or vines to the sides and top of your structure. This creates a lovely, intimate setting that will make you feel like you have the whole neighborhood to yourself!

Plant tall shrubs or thick trees.

One of the best (and most beautiful) ways to add privacy to your backyard is to add tall, thick shrubs or trees around the perimeter of your yard. A few things to keep in mind if you go this route:

  • Check your HOA guidelines for placement/plant type rules.
  • Choose shrubs or trees that will thrive in all seasons in Arizona.
  • Be sure to keep these plants well trimmed so as not to intrude on your neighbors’ space.

Add a water feature.

Visual privacy isn’t the only kind of privacy you need to be aware of. Sound also carries between backyards. A feature with running water can help mask your conversations, so whatever you discuss in your backyard stays in your backyard.

Build your wall or fence higher.

This option may be restricted in some neighborhoods, depending on your HOA. But if your yard is separated from your neighbor’s by a wall or fence, adding a little height to that separator can help give you both some much-needed privacy. 

Plant a shade tree.

A large, shady tree can give you a private space to add a sitting or dining area. It can also really help cool your yard off—something that really matters in the Arizona heat!

Use curtains or shades.

Adding curtains or shades to your patio or pergola can help create a more enclosed space that others can’t peek into. Make sure you use durable, outdoor fabrics, and install them so that it’s easy to pull them aside when you don’t need or want them. 

Backyard privacy can seem like an impossible luxury in some neighborhoods, but if you’re looking for a more private space, there are still some things you can try. Talk to a landscape design company about any of these options, and start enjoying more privacy in your own backyard.

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