Enhance Your Hardscape With These Seating Options

When designing any space, it’s always crucial to think about style and functionality. Seating is where these two aspects of design come together in fun ways. Not only does seating make your space more useful and comfortable for you and your guests, but unique seating options can add focal points, splashes of color, or unusual textures or patterns into your space. 

The same is true for outdoor seating. After all, your backyard is an extension of your home: a place where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the great outdoors. The right seating can elevate your outdoor space, transforming it into a haven of comfort and style.

Here are some of our favorite outdoor seating options to consider for your backyard.

Classic patio furniture.

Traditional patio furniture sets include chairs, sofas, love seats, and tables crafted from outdoor-friendly materials like wrought iron, aluminum, or teak. These sets are often finished with cushions in weather-resistant materials, making them an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. With plenty of options available both online and in stores, you’ll likely be able to find a set that fits your style and needs. 

Adirondack chairs.

The longtime favorite of backyards and decks everywhere, adirondack chairs have a distinct, laidback look, with slanted backrests and wide armrests. These iconic outdoor seating options are made from wood or durable plastic, and add a rustic charm to outdoor spaces. They are perfect for lounging, reading, or circling around a fire pit. They can also be found in a wide range of price points, so you’ll likely be able to find an option that fits your budget.


There’s nothing like a lazy day in a hammock! From classic rope hammocks to nylon or fabric options, hammocks add an element of relaxation to your outdoor space. While hammocks are traditionally hung between two sturdy trees, you can also use a hammock stand to add this fun feature to absolutely any outdoor space.

Bistro sets.

These simple sets usually only include a small table and a couple chairs, making them perfect for setting up an intimate place to enjoy a morning coffee or a cozy dinner. 

Bar stools.

Need a lot of seating, but only sometimes? Stackable bar stools are a fantastic way to add a lot of seating with minimal effort. If you have an outdoor dining space, bar stools are great for adding an extra seat or two when needed.

Hanging chairs.

If you love creating a picture-perfect, aesthetically pleasing space, you’re definitely going to want to include some hanging chairs in your seating plan. These cozy-modern seating options are installed to hang from a sturdy frame or pergola, and they add visual interest to any space. They’re also a lot of fun and extremely comfortable; this will likely be the seat that everyone fights over!

Bean bag chairs.

The ultimate “casual-comfort” piece of furniture, beanbags are lightweight, portable, and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to match any aesthetic. Be sure to select bean bag chairs that are specifically made to be kept outdoors; they are made with materials designed to withstand the elements. 

Tree stumps or log benches.

Bring natural elements into your yard by repurposing tree stumps as seating. Arrange them in the circle for the ultimate “summer camp” vibe, or place stumps here and there for an eclectic, organic design. You can also add log benches, crafted from logs or reclaimed wood, for sturdy, rustic-looking seating that looks at home in a garden, under a tree, or on a patio.

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Adding seating to your outdoor space is crucial to creating a beautiful, functional area. Whether you choose to keep your seating more traditional, or you want to add some more unconventional options, whatever you choose will help set the tone for the entire space. Feel free to mix and match different possibilities until you find just the right combination to help you create a stunning, livable backyard retreat.

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