Landscaping Installation: DIY or Leave It to the Pros?

When it comes to landscaping, you probably think that it’s not that tough of a job. It’s simple enough to mow the yard, trim the bushes, and plant some flowers every now and then, right?

Well, if you’re talking about landscaping maintenance, then yes, you’re right. It’s not too bad, especially if you have the time and desire to do it yourself. If, however, you’re talking about installing new landscape—that’s another matter altogether.

Installing landscape features, planting grass and trees, and laying pavers or bricks may seem easy on the surface. But there’s a lot to it that may make you wish you had hired a professional. Here are some things you should consider when trying to decide if you should DIY your next landscaping project, or leave it to the pros.

Layout and Design

Do you know how you want your yard to look? Is it a vague idea, or a carefully thought out plan? Are you up to date on the latest trends in landscaping? How much do you know about your options for materials? These are things that professional landscaping companies know inside and out. They can be a huge asset when it comes to nailing down what you want, and whether or not it’s a reality in your space.

The Technical Side

There’s a science to landscaping. Knowing what trees or bushes will thrive in your climate, knowing how much water those things needs, and knowing how to water them efficiently is invaluable knowledge. Add to that any hardscapes you want done—pavers, a fire pit, or a built-in barbeque, and things get complicated really fast. Getting a professional’s help will mean that you don’t have to learn the ins and outs of landscaping yourself. It also means that it’s much more likely that everything will work right the first time.


Many people choose the DIY route on projects in order to save money. However, if you think about it in the long run, you may not save money after all. All the time you would spend researching, shopping, and installing everything is going to add up fast, and that time is worth something. Not to mention, the fact that everything will be done right the first time will help you avoid costly repairs and additional materials.

Hard Labor

While some people actually enjoy getting out in the yard and working, for others, it’s really just…hard work. If you fall into the latter camp, hiring professionals is the perfect solution. Unless landscape installation is something you really enjoy, your professional landscapers will be your best friends.

Value of Home

Professional landscaping could add to the value of your home, upping the curb appeal and creating an enticing backyard that will have future buyers falling in love. Consider it an investment in your home!

If any of these reasons appeal to you, a professional landscape installer may be the way to go for your next landscaping project. Put down the shovel and leave it to the pros!

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