Up and Coming Trends in Landscape Design

Your backyard is more than an outdoor space surrounding your home. It’s really an extension of your home. Your style and personality should come through in your yard, just like they come through in your home.

And just like you would do your best to keep up with trends in home design and decor, you should do the same for your yard. We’ve gathered some of our favorite up and coming trends in landscape design, so you can make sure your yard keeps up with the rest of your home.

Next-level lighting. Simple lighting won’t cut it anymore. A big trend in landscape design is including lighting that creates a vibe or sets a mood. Think color-changing LED lights in your pool or water feature, or strung-up Edison bulbs for a casual feel. Your lighting doesn’t have to be in the background anymore. Bring it front and center!

Clean, Straight Lines

Nothing modernizes your yard more than straightening everything out. Using clean, straight lines in your landscape design will keep your yard on-trend, but in a classic way that will stand the test of time.

Natural Materials

A big trend right now, in both home decor and landscape design, is the use of natural materials. Forgo the metal and plastic and stick to wood and stone to create your landscaped look.

Functional, Beautiful Gardens

As more people become interested in eating healthier and living sustainably, it follows that interest in backyard gardens would grow (pun intended). Instead of growing a garden of flowers that simply looks pretty, consider planting vegetables and herbs instead. You could even plant a fruit tree or two.

Indoor Spaces, Outdoors

Many people are looking for ways to make their lawns more functional on a day to day basis. More comfortable furniture, fully-functional kitchens, and even electronics are not out of the question when it comes to bringing your everyday life to the outdoors. With a little planning, you can create a space that fits your needs perfectly.

Faux Grass

Who doesn’t love a lush, green lawn? Well, probably the person that has to take care of it. Maybe that’s why faux grass has become increasingly popular over the years. As its popularity has grown, so has its quality. It’s no longer glaringly obvious if a lawn contains fake grass; many options look like the real thing. If you live in an area that is prone to drought or emphasizes water conservation, this option is almost a no-brainer.

Staying on top of landscape design trends will keep your yards feeling fresh and inviting. You’ll feel right at home in an on-trend yard that reflects your personal style and values.

Rustic Creek Landscaping can help you create the yard of your dreams. We’re up to date on all things landscape design, so we can help you pick out just the right features and materials to meet your needs. Contact us at 480-526-5203, or email info@rusticscapes.com. We’d love to help you get the yard you’ve always wanted!

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